Lamborghini Minotauro Design Concept – Supercar Without a Big V12 Engine

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Andrei Avarvarii, a student at Milan’s Scuola Politecnica di Design, with assistance from Lamborghini’s design head Filippo Perini, designed this incredible electric 2020 Lamborghini Minotauro concept. The duo worked to achieve three different goals:
1. Aesthetic goal – Explore soft shapes for a new Lamborghini design language.
2. Technical goal – Redefine the Lamborghini supercar as an electric vehicle and
3. Functional goal: Integrate the new vehicle in the reality of the year 2020.

The Minotauro has two asynchronous 75-horsepower (56-kW, 76-PS) electric motors at the front that provide 30% of the car’s power, and two 175-horsepower (131-kW, 177-PS) electric motors at the rear. The system runs on a Cerio Li-Tec Flatcell battery, with a Kinetic Energy Recovery System also in place.
The press release goes on to explain the bonus of no big V12 out back: The absence of a big V12 engine in the rear creates enough room for a third passenger in a central position, like the legendary Mclaren F1.  While the driver’s door would be normal, the passenger side’s would be bigger to provide access to the back seat.

The Minotauro is also smaller than current Lamborghini’s, its shorter than the Murcielago and is worlds apart from the hard dramatic lines of the Reventon. If this concept is any indication, future Lamborghini’s will be using softer lines.
But what are sure to appeal to every Lambo fan are the concept’s triangular intakes/exhausts that are not just visually pleasing but serve for battery cooling and act like the tubes of a subwoofer, channeling the sound of the electric motors, placed behind them.

In 2020, with the acquisition of the new Minotauro, the Lamborghini owner will also get involved in a brand new experience called Real Life Online Gaming. And if a real racetrack has been or is being covered, the GPS would record car placement and track time, allowing people worldwide to challenge an owner’s record.

After Ankonian and Madura, Minotauro is one more truly futuristic concept from Lamborghini.